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      Benbo Sewing Machine

      Founded in2006, Zhejiang Benbo Sewing Machine Co, Ltd has rapidly became a noted brand company through years of well-managed development, integrating products research and development, manufacturing and marketing. Our main products include various types of sewing machine equipments-lockstitch sewing machine series, over lock sewing machine series, interlock sewing machine series, buttonhole sewing machine series, tacking sewing machine series, and button attaching sewing machine series, etc. With a modern standard plant, we have a complete production line of fine processing, production and spray-painting. Strict control is conducted all along the whole process of production, so as to ensure the quality of every Benbo sewing machine.

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        Benbo new website launched

        In order to further improve the service level of enterprises and enhance the brand image of Benbo, Zhejiang Benbo Sewing Machine Website recently carried out a comprehensive upgrade. The website of the new edition of Ben Bo sewing machine was formally launched in October 26th. The ...


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        10月12日,由工业和信息化部、国家标准化管理委员会共同组织制定的《国家智能制造标准体系建设指南(2018年版)》(以下简称“指南”)中、英文版在2018世界智能制造大会上正式发布。工业和信息化部科技司副司长沙南生、国家市场监管总局标准技术管理司副司长国焕新、国家智能制造标准化总体组组长赵波和国家智能制造标准化专家咨询组组长尤政共同启动了发布仪式。 指南是在工业和信息化部、国家标准化管理委员会联合发布的《国家智能制造标准体系建设指南(2015年版)》基础上修订完成的。指南进一步加强了标准体系构成要素及相互关系的说明,着重体现了新技术在智能制造领域的应用,突出强化了标准...


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